Monday, July 6, 2009

A long weekend is Short.

WTF happened to the weekend? It just seemed so short, due to the bicycling and the eating. No running yet, but If you have to stop after a mile, it really isn't worth it. Lets recap:

There was walking. One night I walked around Como 4 times. There was this Jazz/blues band playing at the pavilion, and they were good! I kept walking so I could hear them- then I went and got some Ice Cream. Sunday morning I got up and walked to Central Park and back -ca. 6 miles. Then I went and had a bagel sandwich with my mom. Then I went home and finished cleaning my carpets, and had some tacos.

There was biking. On Friday, Alyssa, the puzzlemaster, and I rode around cedar lake and then to the depot. (I drove to Minneapolis-what a tool.) After that we went to Jimmy John's and had a beer. Saturday, I rode the gateway trail, and then made a detour to Stillwater. After some coffee, I started back, and the skies opened up and poured on me. On the way to Mom and Dad's for a patriotic BBQ, I stopped and got a cone at the DQ. (don't judge). Sunday, after finishing my carpet, I headed out towards N. Oaks, then down Hwy 96 to Lexington, to Cty Rd E, then around Lake Johanna in to some park. This is where I ended up getting lost-thinking that I was going to Long lake park, I ended up in Mounds View. Then I made my way to North East Minneapolis, to Como, to the State Fair, and then home. I got cleaned up, went to Ben and Rochelle's house, as B and I were going to see the fireworks at the Taste of Minnesota. Well, B and I went to Subway, a bike ride (me on Rochelle's bike), then I watched Ben do the 30 minute Shred. - then to the lame ass fireworks, but they were better than no fireworks at all.

So much going on, no wittyness. sorry folks.

Randoms: Tina got a workout, Coffee, hairy arms, bad hair color, the UN seems to be meeting more often than ever, I don't care about Michael Jackson's estate, Ewok Magnets, Furniture rearranging.

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