Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So much, so little.

What a weekend. Cycling, Cycling then more Cycling. In the last week, I have had a 32 ounce Soda, an empty pop bottle, and bag of Mcdonald's garbage thrown at me while riding my cycle. I also have been sprayed with a water gun, and had girls speed pass me in their car and slam on their brakes in front of me. I bought groceries, went to the library, to my parents' house, to dinner, to breakfast all on my cycle. Saturday, a cycled 50 miles with friends, and tackled some giant hills- embracing one of them with my right side- if I didn't have body image issues, I would post a pick of the epic bruise. So I guess the question is What's Next?

I dunno. I miss running. I can go a little over 2 miles now until my knee starts to hurt. Tonight I am going to the gym. I am reading yet another book on nutrition, and I plan to continue cycling, yet it is not enough. I miss having a goal, something to train for, to focus on. I am planning on running the Monster Half on Halloween, but it is still far away, and I need to restrict my running. UGGGHH.

My niece is having open heart surgery on Monday. So-the two people who read this, keep her in your thoughts.

On a side note, if you like granola, go to the Birchwood Cafe and order their granola, or maybe don't- you might end up living there spending all of your money on yogurt, granola, and coffee...not that that's a bad thing.

Random. Journal of Fluid Mechanics-why can't you arrive in order, Union Ballot, Monkey Smoothie, no more banana bread for a while Scotcheroo, Pinecone, Random Capitalization, want soba noodles, need to eat vegetables, peanut butter strike- because I am out of bread and have no toast, Muesli experiment starting soon.


  1. some people do the strangest things...

  2. 1. makes me mad that people treat people on bikes that way.
    2. Just take it slow and steady--I have heard that wins the race. Its good to have your goals and way to go with that!
    3. I am keeping your niece in my thoughts and prayers---let us know how it goes.
    4. banana bread scotcheroo-----hummm wonder what that would be like. ;-)