Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Average Baked Goods

How can something called "oatmeal fudge bar" not be delicious? Sadly, it was slightly sub-par, yet I ate the whole thing. This just leads me to think though, that any thing with chocolate and oatmeal should have nuts and peanut butter in it- or Nuts, Peanut Butter AND Peanuts (Peanuts are a legume, not a nut). On the topic of Legumes, I have been craving them for the last few weeks, black beans, lentils, Kidney beans!!!! WTF. Perhaps, since my Baconator is broken, I have replaced it with a Leguminator.

I cleaned Gigantor last night after my rehearsal. I wiped her down and lubricated her chain, and her cogs. I need to learn how to adjust my brakes, or I will have to take her in- her brake shoes are pretty worn. Sad to say though, after all of that late-night bike love, I fell back asleep this morning and had to drive. Tomorrow I will have to drive too, as I have an appt in the morning to get my knee checked out, and then Mentee and I are hanging out.

Better get back to work- Stay Random.

Randomness: Gnomemobile, Baconator (this would be a persons inner mechanism that craves the bacon, not that greasy sandwich from the restaurant with the red hair), Orange bag, vomit smell outside, Joe who? Joe momma. that is all

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend exercise excess, of sorts.

Well, where to start.  I guess we will just jump in to this weekend's activities.  Friday when I left work, I just felt awful- sad and exhausted.  I got home and sat in front of the boob tube, and at crackers and cheese-healthy, it really rounded out the Banana bread, and cereal that I had for breakfast, and the chipotle burrito that I had for lunch. I felt guilty, and hopped on my bike and did the Gateway trail. My right knee started to twinge a bit towards the end but it was a nice solid ride. Saturday I woke to rain, which worried me, as I was running a 5k with my Bolder Options buddy. Luckily, the rain subsided while we were running, and we finished our first 5k together in around 35 minutes. It might night sound like an accomplishment, but it was his first running event ever, and it he was tired out by the end.

Later in the afternoon, I met Ryan, and others for a bike ride.  I left little canada, and met at R's place in Falcon Heights.  We rode over to the Midtown Greenway and followed it to Hopkins, home of the Bundt pan, and the Depot, where we stopped for coffee and baked goods.  My knee was quite angry by now, but what else do  I have to do but soldier on?  We decided to make a detour on the way home and rode our cycles around Calhoun and Harriet.  Did I mention that Ryan's friend, Jeff, did all of this on a fixed gear cycle-CRAZY.  My knee was shaking every time we went up a hill.  When I finally got home, I had biked about 50 miles.  

Today, I got up early and watched my nieces and nephew for a few hours.  That tired me out more than anything I did the night before, but it was a good time.  After a turkey sandwich, I went for a walk, about 5 miles, and then looked at Facebook. This is also when I noticed that the death of Michael Jackson was no longer the head story on CNN, at least not today.  I stopped off at the Library and borrowed "Murder on the Orient Express", and I checked out a Madeline L'Engle book.

I know this is all pretty dull, but 'tis my life.  This week I have Chorale, and I plan on making an appt. with the sports medicine doctor to deal with my knee. 

Thursday, June 25, 2009


"Bananas" is a great word. Filled with potassium or used as an adjective, I feel it describes me and my lifestyle, much like the word "nuts". I could say many things about this, but I won't-except, I have bananas that are over ripe again, I don't know if I can try to make banana bread again, maybe I will just eat the brown bananas on toast with peanut butter.

As I mentioned yesterday, I rode Gigantor to work yesterday. It was very bizarre, on the way home I ran in to Tim from Bicycle Chain, riding home from work. Small world. We had a little chat, then I stopped by my parent's house where my brother was making them dinner. "Strange", I thought to myself. Not wanting to invite my self to dinner, even though I am sure that I would have been welcome, I biked home and at a salad and some wheat thin chips (they are like crack). It was then that I realized that is was my Dad's 71st birthday. I called and wished him a happy 76th birthday. Nice.

We got a decent storm last night. I woke around 4:30 to loud noises and rain blowing in my window, and this morning I had to wander around for a while outside to find my patio furniture. I wish storms like that would happen when I am awake.

Random thoughts of the day- Why do kittehs only want to cuddle when you are leaving? Why are word verrification words never words. Craving black beans, brown rice; speed workout, out of coffee again, hate driving car.

PS- I am going to "taste of rosefest" with mom tonight. it should be interesting

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Run 'n' Fun

I think everyone should make RnF their running shoe store. I took the mentee there yesterday, and they were great trying over a dozen pairs of shoes on the little guy who probably only said three or four words the whole time. Very helpful, very kind- AND they have a larger selection than many places in town.

After we got our shoes, we went for a short run- once around Como. At least, it was nice and short for me. We are going to go run a 5k on friday morning, and it might take a while, but I am sure we will both finish.

When we finished our loop around the lake, he looked tired and hot- I told him that we could go to DQ, or the Subway. He chose Subway, which was nice because he finally started to talk a bit while he was eating. On the way back home, we talked about maybe going to the humane society next week and walking a dog. Awesome.

I rode Gigantor to work this morning, and I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the door. It was cool, and not nearly as humid as it was yesterday. Hopefully, when I go riding with Ryan Jeff and Kara on Saturday it won't be hot and humid, or thunderstorming.

Daily complaint-
I had a beer at the Bad Waitress last night, and I didn't like it to much. It was a smoked Stout, and it made me think of Lapsang Souchong. Glad I tried it but once is enough.

last granola bar, kermit lunch pail, balogna sandwich again, we are the champions, core workout, squirrel.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Oh, so last night I had a beer with Marita and we were talking about MTV, and she brought up thriller which she had remembered watching. I brought up that we had wanted to learn it for R and B's wedding. So I got up in Ol Mexico and started to do the thriller moves and explained how at the cabin we started dancing and people got injured, and these two older ladies next to me just started to talk to us. I think they thought I was nuts, as I was dancing in Ol' Mexico.

I wish there was a regular broadcast channel that played music videos, new and old. (although, its not like MTV and VH1 ever play videos anymore, and I am too cheap for cable anyway)

More Randomness: The UN is in session yet again, Giant Burger picture, Ewok Magnets, Zhena's Gypsy Tea, I want an Iced Caramel Macchiato.

First Blog

This is my first blog on the new blog. I did fairly well for a while on the old one, and then let it fall by the wayside.

The thought of the day- "Snap out of it"

It is hot, and humid in the twin cities, and I don't want to be at work. I woke up late so I didn't get a run in, and I have to take my mentee to go get his new running shoes after work, so I couldn't cycle. I guess I just really need to focus and get my ass in gear, and out of the dark place that was Grandma's Marathon. I wasn't ready, having not done any long runs since the Stillwater Marathon 5 weeks earlier. I have certainly been in better shape before. I had not been running in the heat, and somehow I let myself get dehydrated, and there is something wrong with my right knee.

Plan of attack-
Put off marathoning until next season, and stick to shorter races that I want to run. Incorporate more strengthening exercises, and speed workouts in to my training. Ride my bike more, because it makes me happy. Harden the fuck up. Take more time to enjoy the sun.

Randomness of the day:
Bologna sandwich for lunch. A Rueben is pulling in to the Harbor. I need to clean my chacos. Don't sprain your vagina. I guess that means he flipped me the bird. Squirrel.