Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend exercise excess, of sorts.

Well, where to start.  I guess we will just jump in to this weekend's activities.  Friday when I left work, I just felt awful- sad and exhausted.  I got home and sat in front of the boob tube, and at crackers and cheese-healthy, it really rounded out the Banana bread, and cereal that I had for breakfast, and the chipotle burrito that I had for lunch. I felt guilty, and hopped on my bike and did the Gateway trail. My right knee started to twinge a bit towards the end but it was a nice solid ride. Saturday I woke to rain, which worried me, as I was running a 5k with my Bolder Options buddy. Luckily, the rain subsided while we were running, and we finished our first 5k together in around 35 minutes. It might night sound like an accomplishment, but it was his first running event ever, and it he was tired out by the end.

Later in the afternoon, I met Ryan, and others for a bike ride.  I left little canada, and met at R's place in Falcon Heights.  We rode over to the Midtown Greenway and followed it to Hopkins, home of the Bundt pan, and the Depot, where we stopped for coffee and baked goods.  My knee was quite angry by now, but what else do  I have to do but soldier on?  We decided to make a detour on the way home and rode our cycles around Calhoun and Harriet.  Did I mention that Ryan's friend, Jeff, did all of this on a fixed gear cycle-CRAZY.  My knee was shaking every time we went up a hill.  When I finally got home, I had biked about 50 miles.  

Today, I got up early and watched my nieces and nephew for a few hours.  That tired me out more than anything I did the night before, but it was a good time.  After a turkey sandwich, I went for a walk, about 5 miles, and then looked at Facebook. This is also when I noticed that the death of Michael Jackson was no longer the head story on CNN, at least not today.  I stopped off at the Library and borrowed "Murder on the Orient Express", and I checked out a Madeline L'Engle book.

I know this is all pretty dull, but 'tis my life.  This week I have Chorale, and I plan on making an appt. with the sports medicine doctor to deal with my knee. 

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