Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Run 'n' Fun

I think everyone should make RnF their running shoe store. I took the mentee there yesterday, and they were great trying over a dozen pairs of shoes on the little guy who probably only said three or four words the whole time. Very helpful, very kind- AND they have a larger selection than many places in town.

After we got our shoes, we went for a short run- once around Como. At least, it was nice and short for me. We are going to go run a 5k on friday morning, and it might take a while, but I am sure we will both finish.

When we finished our loop around the lake, he looked tired and hot- I told him that we could go to DQ, or the Subway. He chose Subway, which was nice because he finally started to talk a bit while he was eating. On the way back home, we talked about maybe going to the humane society next week and walking a dog. Awesome.

I rode Gigantor to work this morning, and I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the door. It was cool, and not nearly as humid as it was yesterday. Hopefully, when I go riding with Ryan Jeff and Kara on Saturday it won't be hot and humid, or thunderstorming.

Daily complaint-
I had a beer at the Bad Waitress last night, and I didn't like it to much. It was a smoked Stout, and it made me think of Lapsang Souchong. Glad I tried it but once is enough.

last granola bar, kermit lunch pail, balogna sandwich again, we are the champions, core workout, squirrel.


  1. Its so great what you are doing with your mentee. How often do you get together with him? I love your randoms! :-)

  2. It is a once a week, 2-4 hours thing.