Thursday, June 25, 2009


"Bananas" is a great word. Filled with potassium or used as an adjective, I feel it describes me and my lifestyle, much like the word "nuts". I could say many things about this, but I won't-except, I have bananas that are over ripe again, I don't know if I can try to make banana bread again, maybe I will just eat the brown bananas on toast with peanut butter.

As I mentioned yesterday, I rode Gigantor to work yesterday. It was very bizarre, on the way home I ran in to Tim from Bicycle Chain, riding home from work. Small world. We had a little chat, then I stopped by my parent's house where my brother was making them dinner. "Strange", I thought to myself. Not wanting to invite my self to dinner, even though I am sure that I would have been welcome, I biked home and at a salad and some wheat thin chips (they are like crack). It was then that I realized that is was my Dad's 71st birthday. I called and wished him a happy 76th birthday. Nice.

We got a decent storm last night. I woke around 4:30 to loud noises and rain blowing in my window, and this morning I had to wander around for a while outside to find my patio furniture. I wish storms like that would happen when I am awake.

Random thoughts of the day- Why do kittehs only want to cuddle when you are leaving? Why are word verrification words never words. Craving black beans, brown rice; speed workout, out of coffee again, hate driving car.

PS- I am going to "taste of rosefest" with mom tonight. it should be interesting

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