Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Average Baked Goods

How can something called "oatmeal fudge bar" not be delicious? Sadly, it was slightly sub-par, yet I ate the whole thing. This just leads me to think though, that any thing with chocolate and oatmeal should have nuts and peanut butter in it- or Nuts, Peanut Butter AND Peanuts (Peanuts are a legume, not a nut). On the topic of Legumes, I have been craving them for the last few weeks, black beans, lentils, Kidney beans!!!! WTF. Perhaps, since my Baconator is broken, I have replaced it with a Leguminator.

I cleaned Gigantor last night after my rehearsal. I wiped her down and lubricated her chain, and her cogs. I need to learn how to adjust my brakes, or I will have to take her in- her brake shoes are pretty worn. Sad to say though, after all of that late-night bike love, I fell back asleep this morning and had to drive. Tomorrow I will have to drive too, as I have an appt in the morning to get my knee checked out, and then Mentee and I are hanging out.

Better get back to work- Stay Random.

Randomness: Gnomemobile, Baconator (this would be a persons inner mechanism that craves the bacon, not that greasy sandwich from the restaurant with the red hair), Orange bag, vomit smell outside, Joe who? Joe momma. that is all

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