Thursday, July 23, 2009

Late afternoon

Another afternoon at work and I am taking a break. Here is the recap of the last 24hours.

Bolder Options Mentee and I got together, and represented Bolder Options in the Aquatennial Torchlight Parade. He was super excited, as he had never been in a parade before, and I was excited, having never been at an Aquatennial event before. It was a good time, but nothing special, and I didn't eat dinner, and so I was very hungry. This might have been why I was so snarky towards some of the kids, saying things like, "Pick up your garbage. Do you litter in your yard?" "Don't touch that!" "Don't run over your sister on that bicycle." At the end of the parade, there was the dilemma on how to get back to the car. Some people got on a van, and I was the only one without a bike, so I ran along with the bikers- it was only 1.5 -2 miles, and it was pain free. Nice.

I dropped my buddy off and headed home where I made some Udon chicken soup (read:overpriced Ramen) and watched an episode of Twin Peaks- Clearly I was born in the wrong decade.

This morning was Le Tour time trial stage. I was listening while cataloging, but more listening than cataloging. Perhaps I will be Alberto Contador for Halloween. The man is a machine!

This evening, I plan to launder the clothes and make something exciting with the beets I roasted the other day. I am thinking, garlic, olives, peppers and thyme. Ill let you know how that all works out

Randoms: Maillot Jaune, Loud talkers, Apple fritter, "Canadian Days", too many clowns.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Le Tour

Damn, I am the worst employee ever.

I cannot help but watch Le Tour for the first 2+ hours of the work day. Sure, I am cataloging at the same time, but not as productive as I could/should be. Go Alberto Contador!

Let me tell you about the foods I made last night.

Roasted Beets. These would be the beets that I purchased a week ago at the Farmer's market. I haven't decided what I will do with them yet, but now they are cooked I can use them (probably in a salad).

I steamed some chinese broccoli and then shocked it in some ice water. This will be for lunch.

Lentil/rice thing. I made some basmati rice. I also started some green lentils (boiled them) and while they were cooking, I sauteed onion, garlic, carrot, and celery. I added some curry powder, salt and pepper, and mustard. Added the green lentils, and some uncooked brown lentils and simmered it in some veggie stock I had. After it cooked and reduced, I added it to the cooled rice with some Thai Basil. I will eat it as a cold salad. It is an odd mismatch of things, but delicious.

Lance Armstrong just made a break! So Exciting. Must Work

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I might post later today, right now I am busy.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

HBP TdF 14dJuillet.

So much going on, can't concentrate.

Lets start at the very beginning. Le Tour. The more and more I become interested in it, the less and less I understand. How can you be the leader and NEVER win a stage. Teams-team politics? grr. i am voting for Contador, Although hats off to Cavendish, who, being named after a banana, is quite solid. I guess I have a handful of favorites- Cancelara, Cavendish, Contador, and yes- Armstrong. (don't Judge)

Le quatorze juillet.
Ever since Bastille day, I have been craving bread-cheese-meet-wine type meals, and quiche. what the hell is wrong with me. I am not French. I went to the Farmer's Market yesterday and bought beets, which personally, is a very French thing to do. Those people love their beets!

Last night, Mom and I saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I still am processing it- they left out some of my favorite parts ( which I understand is necessary), but I was really surprised they didn't say much about the "Half Blood Prince" at all. Also, I was surprised at the lack of information about the inferi. It was still enjoyable

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So much, so little.

What a weekend. Cycling, Cycling then more Cycling. In the last week, I have had a 32 ounce Soda, an empty pop bottle, and bag of Mcdonald's garbage thrown at me while riding my cycle. I also have been sprayed with a water gun, and had girls speed pass me in their car and slam on their brakes in front of me. I bought groceries, went to the library, to my parents' house, to dinner, to breakfast all on my cycle. Saturday, a cycled 50 miles with friends, and tackled some giant hills- embracing one of them with my right side- if I didn't have body image issues, I would post a pick of the epic bruise. So I guess the question is What's Next?

I dunno. I miss running. I can go a little over 2 miles now until my knee starts to hurt. Tonight I am going to the gym. I am reading yet another book on nutrition, and I plan to continue cycling, yet it is not enough. I miss having a goal, something to train for, to focus on. I am planning on running the Monster Half on Halloween, but it is still far away, and I need to restrict my running. UGGGHH.

My niece is having open heart surgery on Monday. So-the two people who read this, keep her in your thoughts.

On a side note, if you like granola, go to the Birchwood Cafe and order their granola, or maybe don't- you might end up living there spending all of your money on yogurt, granola, and coffee...not that that's a bad thing.

Random. Journal of Fluid Mechanics-why can't you arrive in order, Union Ballot, Monkey Smoothie, no more banana bread for a while Scotcheroo, Pinecone, Random Capitalization, want soba noodles, need to eat vegetables, peanut butter strike- because I am out of bread and have no toast, Muesli experiment starting soon.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Running again

Good lord, what is wrong with me? Last night after I left the evil dungeon that is my desk, I decided to go straight home. or did I? Actually, I stopped at the lake and had my running shoes in the car- I couldn't help myself. I changed clothes, and pulled them on, carefully lacing them up-as if it was a guilty pleasure that I didn't want anyone to see- all the while savouring every naughty bit of it. The first mile, was very slow, a warm up. I picked up the pace for the second mile, not wearing a watch I had no idea how fast it was-Undoubtedly slow yet exhausting (how could I lose so much ground in two weeks?) I thought I was out of the water until...a twinge, a cringe, and then a yelp. I pulled over and started to stretch, but I knew that was the end. The end of my first run back after all of that stretching ended with me walking slowly with a defeated expression on my face around Bennet Lake to my car.

When I got home, I said, "No More Gloominess!" I pumped up Gigantor's tires and headed out. Sadly, about 3 miles in, I could feel my knee, yet I soldiered on. 15.2 miles, in the wind- Take that depression!

I headed home where I did my laundry, did some stretching and about 10 minutes on the foam roller, and then I made the banana bread. If you have a copy of The Joy of Cooking look up the recipe, it is bizarre (or maybe it isn't and I am nuts) I ended up adding some Ghiradelli 72% cocoa chips in it, which seemed to over-power the banana goodness. Fickers!

Randoms: Blog neglect, Nalgene, Ikea Crap, Overdue fines already, cuddly cat, Burger for Justice.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Joe Mama.


Right now I am rehearsing in the Choir for AIDA with the Chorale/Orchestra. I have decided that it is just insufferable and I will never do a summer chorale project again. Picture 100 people who all have their own ideas how Italian is supposed to be pronounced. Half of the people are practically yelling because they want you to know how big their voices are. Top that off with about 10 Diva types who survive on the Idol worship from their peon fan-club, and the guy in front of me who is super nice, but has ADD, and is obnoxious and can't sit still.

I almost finished, The Small Rain last night. Wow, it is heart wrenching. Whereas I can't say that the character Katherine and I are one in the same, I really empathize with her, and pity her at the same time. L'Engle's writing is so easy to read- yet there is something wonky with the Narrator voice. Perhaps it is not consistent- Who knows. After I finish that I think I am going to read, The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury. That will be a bit of a change

I am meeting with Mentee tonight. I wonder what we will do??? Reading for sure, but maybe we will check out the Minnehaha Rec Center.

Randoms of the day: White bouncing Ferret, UFC...really, excellent french press, opaque, dead snapping turtle, kitteh rejection due to fan, more furniture rearranging.

Monday, July 6, 2009

A long weekend is Short.

WTF happened to the weekend? It just seemed so short, due to the bicycling and the eating. No running yet, but If you have to stop after a mile, it really isn't worth it. Lets recap:

There was walking. One night I walked around Como 4 times. There was this Jazz/blues band playing at the pavilion, and they were good! I kept walking so I could hear them- then I went and got some Ice Cream. Sunday morning I got up and walked to Central Park and back -ca. 6 miles. Then I went and had a bagel sandwich with my mom. Then I went home and finished cleaning my carpets, and had some tacos.

There was biking. On Friday, Alyssa, the puzzlemaster, and I rode around cedar lake and then to the depot. (I drove to Minneapolis-what a tool.) After that we went to Jimmy John's and had a beer. Saturday, I rode the gateway trail, and then made a detour to Stillwater. After some coffee, I started back, and the skies opened up and poured on me. On the way to Mom and Dad's for a patriotic BBQ, I stopped and got a cone at the DQ. (don't judge). Sunday, after finishing my carpet, I headed out towards N. Oaks, then down Hwy 96 to Lexington, to Cty Rd E, then around Lake Johanna in to some park. This is where I ended up getting lost-thinking that I was going to Long lake park, I ended up in Mounds View. Then I made my way to North East Minneapolis, to Como, to the State Fair, and then home. I got cleaned up, went to Ben and Rochelle's house, as B and I were going to see the fireworks at the Taste of Minnesota. Well, B and I went to Subway, a bike ride (me on Rochelle's bike), then I watched Ben do the 30 minute Shred. - then to the lame ass fireworks, but they were better than no fireworks at all.

So much going on, no wittyness. sorry folks.

Randoms: Tina got a workout, Coffee, hairy arms, bad hair color, the UN seems to be meeting more often than ever, I don't care about Michael Jackson's estate, Ewok Magnets, Furniture rearranging.