Thursday, July 23, 2009

Late afternoon

Another afternoon at work and I am taking a break. Here is the recap of the last 24hours.

Bolder Options Mentee and I got together, and represented Bolder Options in the Aquatennial Torchlight Parade. He was super excited, as he had never been in a parade before, and I was excited, having never been at an Aquatennial event before. It was a good time, but nothing special, and I didn't eat dinner, and so I was very hungry. This might have been why I was so snarky towards some of the kids, saying things like, "Pick up your garbage. Do you litter in your yard?" "Don't touch that!" "Don't run over your sister on that bicycle." At the end of the parade, there was the dilemma on how to get back to the car. Some people got on a van, and I was the only one without a bike, so I ran along with the bikers- it was only 1.5 -2 miles, and it was pain free. Nice.

I dropped my buddy off and headed home where I made some Udon chicken soup (read:overpriced Ramen) and watched an episode of Twin Peaks- Clearly I was born in the wrong decade.

This morning was Le Tour time trial stage. I was listening while cataloging, but more listening than cataloging. Perhaps I will be Alberto Contador for Halloween. The man is a machine!

This evening, I plan to launder the clothes and make something exciting with the beets I roasted the other day. I am thinking, garlic, olives, peppers and thyme. Ill let you know how that all works out

Randoms: Maillot Jaune, Loud talkers, Apple fritter, "Canadian Days", too many clowns.

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