Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Joe Mama.


Right now I am rehearsing in the Choir for AIDA with the Chorale/Orchestra. I have decided that it is just insufferable and I will never do a summer chorale project again. Picture 100 people who all have their own ideas how Italian is supposed to be pronounced. Half of the people are practically yelling because they want you to know how big their voices are. Top that off with about 10 Diva types who survive on the Idol worship from their peon fan-club, and the guy in front of me who is super nice, but has ADD, and is obnoxious and can't sit still.

I almost finished, The Small Rain last night. Wow, it is heart wrenching. Whereas I can't say that the character Katherine and I are one in the same, I really empathize with her, and pity her at the same time. L'Engle's writing is so easy to read- yet there is something wonky with the Narrator voice. Perhaps it is not consistent- Who knows. After I finish that I think I am going to read, The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury. That will be a bit of a change

I am meeting with Mentee tonight. I wonder what we will do??? Reading for sure, but maybe we will check out the Minnehaha Rec Center.

Randoms of the day: White bouncing Ferret, UFC...really, excellent french press, opaque, dead snapping turtle, kitteh rejection due to fan, more furniture rearranging.


  1. Your description of choir practice has me singing in my seat with jealousy. ;)

  2. I would like you to post a recap of the library assembly. I think it could rival my description of choir.