Friday, August 21, 2009

Vocation Vacation.

Ugh, It is Friday afternoon, and I just want to leave. I want to take a vacation from work, from my cat, who is very hungry these days, and feels the need to tell me about it, and I want to take a vacation from being an adult. Having said all of that, tonight, after my run, and the weights/core workout at the gym, I have to go get some cat food, because a hungry kitty needs it.

I have been thinking about the whole Julie/Julia movie (which I haven't seen). I think it would be great fun to cook my way through an entire cookbook, but which one? I have "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" but that has been done. My most frequently used cookbook is "The Joy of Cooking" and that is not really attainable. I have a Vegan cookbook that I like, but the thought of making everything in that turns my stomach, and even though I love Indian food, cooking every recipe in "Classic Indian Cooking" by Julie Sahni is too much. So, what should I do? Should I purchase a new cookbook? should I cook everything in one of the Weight Watchers cookbooks I have? Should I break down and by a new cookbook? I have always wanted to get the Marcella Hazan Italian book, or the "Enchanted Broccoli Forest" by Mollie Katzen.

Does Anyone own Mad Men?
I really want to watch it, and I am too cheap to rent each disc from blockbuster. I guess the real answer is to rejoin Netflix, but as I have mentioned earlier, I am sick of commitments, adult, or juvenile.

Have a Happy Weekend. I promise to blog next week!

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