Monday, August 24, 2009

A New Hope, (not starring Carrie Fisher)

I want you to want me, I need you to need me... You all know that song. My sermon today is not about love or begging, it is about a new life. I want, I need, I love. I want to enjoy more of my day. I need to leave my work problems, or work life, at work when I leave. I love- I love many things and I just need to remember to love them in moderation. For example, I love ice cream. This is not a fling, or a short affair- this is a committed relationship. Yet, I don't want the butter pecan to be driven away by my over-zealous attachment to it, nor do I want it to become any more comfortable hanging around when it is unneeded (hanging around my love handles I mean.).

I am also having the same feeling with running/biking. I love them, yet I do not wish to over do it and injure myself.

Other non-profound thoughts.
I baked sourdough bread this weekend. It is delicious, and no, I won't bake you any. Pickled beets and cheese make a great sandwich. Perkin's is an awful restaurant, and they make bad muffins. I watched the Godfather this weekend...again. I went for a couple mid length runs this week (5-10 miles). They no longer feel like 3-5 miles and once again feel like 5-10 miles. That is all.

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