Thursday, August 6, 2009

Biking is Dangerous

So last night I went for a bike ride with Ben after a short speed workout with a quick meal in between. Good thing that I shoved food down my throat before I left, because I was hungry when I got home, almost 3 hours later. If I hadn't eaten, I wouldn't have gotten home.

So, I rode to Ben's house and then we did the rest of Gateway Trail from N St Paul towards Stillwater. When we got to the end, I decided to ride up this sand hill, and fell over, it was kind of funny. If you ever ride to the end of the trail, here is a warning. There is nothing at the end- There is a parking lot, with a bathroom and a drinking fountain.

Anyway, On the way bike I saw these crab apple trees. I bit open one of the larger apples, and it was was the most beautiful color. A dark purpley red all of the way through. I am tempted in a week or too, to ride down the trail with a bucket, and to do a little harvesting.

But on to the dangerous part. It was around 9:05 pm, and I was just coming up to Gervais Lake, on my bicycle. The Sun has set. All of the sudden, this giant buck jumps out in front of me. I squeezed my brakes so hard I nearly flipped over my bike. The deer just stood there and stared at me; he was sprting some pretty wicked furry antlers. Finally I shut of my light and rang the Cheeseburger bell on my bike a few times, and he ran away. I turned my light back on, and rang my Cheeseburger bell around the remainder of the lake, just to be carefull. Deer are scary in a car, they are even scarier when they almost hit you on a bicycle!

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