Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ragnar Relay

I am always scheming things- always. Today the ridiculous plan is the Ragnar Relay 2010 (assuming that they have it). I think it would be loads of fun. I actually think that it would be more fun doing it with a team of 6 instead of a team of 12, that might be a bit ridiculous, but who knows. If you are too lazy to look at the link, the Ragnar Relays, are series of running relays of about 200 miles around the US. Teams of 4-12 people are assigned lengths of route, and the rest of the team drive around in vans and cheer each other on, eat, sleep, be silly. The Midwest one is from LaCrosse WI, to Minneapolis, MN. I am hoping that the boys are interested next year, and maybe a certain irongirl will want on, I mean, want in.

ALSO, each team has to find 3 volunteers to help at a rest point for some of the day. Non-running types beware, I know who you are. I know where you live.

I hung up a Ramadan Prayer Schedule outside my cube yesterday (received gratis with the falafel combination sandwich at Holy Land Deli), and have now moved it to the inside wall of the cubicle. At first, I thought the odd looks from people were funny, then, after talking to certain bitter coworker about how he thinks that Islam is a bunch of BS, and he had no idea so many millions of people bought in to that terrorism, I got angry. Mind you, I am not a Muslim, in fact, I no longer know what my beliefs are, but ranting about something you know nothing about is not cool, and I support people in their spiritual beliefs- be they Judeo-Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, a follower of Ceiling Cat or whether they have a belief in candles and crystals- we all need something. I recognize we all have a spiritual need, but violence or ignorance in the name of something, or for no reason is idiocy.

Let me know if y'all are interested in Ragnar. It is way early but I thought I would throw it out there.

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