Thursday, February 25, 2010

must keep positive outlook

It is sunny today- did you know that? did you know that the coffee tastes good, not burnt for once. I have pictures of my family at my desk, (well, most some of them), and they are smiling. I went running last night, and I am not sore yet. I am going again today, and then perhaps to yoga. Maybe I'll make a vegetable hotdish tonight, Maybe.

My plans for the weekend are still flushing their way out. Saturday Morning, I need to get my oil changed and take Gigantor in to be tuned up. She needs new bar tape, and I want orange. I do hope the Chain has Orange. I am getting together with D and then maybe I will take Mom and Dad's Dog for a run or to the park.

Sunday, I have church, and then I will go to a spin class or something, all the while, trying to invoke the spirit of St John. Maybe Ill make something to eat this weekend. Tomorrow will be a sunny day.

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