Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Holy Land Deli

Deliciousness abounds in the lunch buffet at this NE Minneapolis Establishment. I believe, along with libgyrl, my counterpart, that the highlight was an eggplant dish, followed closely with the gyros. MMMMMM. I can justify this trip to the buffet because I am preparing the Gospel of John for an upcoming concert. What better place to find Jesus and his Homies than the Holy Land?

While we were there, we bought some really fresh pita, and I bought a giant container of dates. I foresee many trips to the Holy Land in my future, yet I need to cook at home.

Tonight, before church, I plan a 5mile run and some much needed core work. I plan on being sore for the rest of my life due to the sad state I have let my body fall into. The bright part is that I can change it.

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