Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Long time no speak

I turn 29 tomorrow. For some reason, I find that horribly depressing, yet hey- I made it this far, time to move on.

Yesterday, I was in a funk, and took myself out for a sandwich at the Holy Land Deli- I highly recommend the Falafel Combination Sandwich. It is Falafel, lettuce, cucumbers, and deep-fried mixed vegetables in a pita with your choice of sauce. I picked the hot sauce. This sandwich is so large, that it could serve two as a meal, yet, being my Birthday week, I ate the whole thing- by myself. It was worth it.

Music Recap-
My Bach Passion went pretty well. I made a couple of flubs, but the story came accross, and that was the goal. Also, I made it through another Holy Week at "The Little French Church". Good Friday, I had to do the Intercessions with one of the priests, and Saturday, for the Vigil, I had to sing the Exultet (Easter Proclamation). What a beautiful Piece of Music, and Liturgy. Currently,
I am planning a couple of concerts- Airs de cours with Tom Walker, French Baroque Contemplative Music (Charpentier, Campra, Couperin) perhaps, at the "Little French Church" for next Spring. I also just found some Dufay, and Machaut (Macho, Macho Man), that I am itching to do, but I need to find another smart, clear-voiced, high tenor to sing it with.

I am working on some Bach for a concert in June, and I am having issues getting it in to my voice, but it will get there. It is very strange, as it is an aria, and a motet. I sing arias all the time, but I have spent so much of the last few months on Recitative, that an aria seems like it is a foreign musical language to me. Time to jump back on the cantabile band wagon.

I have been out a few times on my bike this season, and finally measured. It is four miles to the public library, 5.5, or 7 to get to the coop (Hampden Park, or Mississippi Market), and 11.8 to get to work. I really hope that I can reduce my driving once the singing season slows down.

Lots of Randomness, Hopefully I will have more to say in the coming months.

OOH- I am going to Little Szechuan for my Birthday with my Twin Brother tomorrow. It is possibly my favorite restaurant in the world. Not a bad way to spend a Birthday.


  1. Hope you enjoy your birthday dinner! And it sounds like you are going to keep yourself plenty busy these upcoming months! :-)

  2. Sounds wonderful! Happy early birthday!!! ;)