Thursday, May 6, 2010


So... there was no running yesterday. In fact, there was nothing. After work, I stopped at Byerly's, and Mrs. Byerly cooked me dinner (read, "I got take out"). I then went home and cleaned out my desk and did some laundry until I had to go to church. I am going to tackle my closet tonight, and then the bookshelves this weekend. I bet I have a whole shelf of books that I will donate, or bring to half priced books. How long do you keep reference books from college (conducting, Jazz Studies, etc...)?

As we speak, I am listening to the funeral of the police officer that was killed in Maplewood last weekend. The Cantor, Nick, has a beautiful voice, but it really sounds like he went to a Lutheran College, (he did, I know him). I wish I had and hour with him to play around with his voice- supporting from the bottom up, and covering. Not covering in a bad baritone/hook sort of way, but covering in a round warm sort of way. It could add years to his singing. Not that I think that I know that much about singing, or that I am better than anyone else, I just know what I want to hear, and I can hear potential in others, and it excites me.

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