Monday, September 21, 2009

the world of animation

In the last couple weeks, I have watched quite a few movies. I already told you about Aladdin, after that was the Jungle Book. Wow- that Rudyard Kipling. I can only imagine the types of conversation that he and Walt Disney might have had. I have to say though, that I enjoyed the music. This was followed by Bedknobs and Broomsticks and Mary Poppins. I have to say, They both brought back so many memories, and I still would think of them as Family Favorites. If I had kids, I would force them to watch them (but they would also have to watch the Apple Dumpling Game. Oh Don Knotts, the world is a little sadder without you in it)

Yesterday, I finally got around to watching Kung Fu Panda. The animation was nothing special, but it was a cute story. I would watch it again.

Sorry that there is not much detail in the reviews, I have to work

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